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10 Facts About DirectX

10 Facts About DirectX

DirectX is a collection of APIs that allow software, primarily games, to interface with hardware. It includes APIs for graphics, audio, and input. DirectX is often bundled with video games and other multimedia software.

Facts about DirectX tell us the platform developed by Microsoft to ensure that developers can have access to hardware and graphics. The existence of DirectX is to make sure that game developers can develop games that will run on different Microsoft and other hardware. The latest version is DirectX 12 Ultimate API.

  1. The first version of DirectX was released in 1995. The version was called DirectX 1. The game which was released with this version was called MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat.
  2. The second version was called DirectX 2 and was released in November 1996. This version was supported by Windows 95 and Windows NT.
  3. Microsoft acquired the technology from Rendition in 1995.
  4. DirectX had a significant impact on the gaming industry.
  5. It is used to make the graphics and sound more clear.
  6. DirectX is not just for games, it’s also used for video, audio, and even 3D applications.
  7. The latest version of DirectX is DirectX 12, which has been out since 2015.
  8. It was originally released as a standalone product.
  9. DirectX was originally used to replace the PCjr’s GDI (Graphics Device Interface), and to make it easier to port PC games to the new operating system.
  10. It is a component of Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, and the Xbox One operating systems.


As you can see, DirectX is a real-time graphics and sound mechanism which allows you to create applications for Windows. It is also very important because it makes it easier to play games and watch videos on your computer.

Here are my 10 facts about DirectX. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

20 Feb 2023